2152 Native Road Fort Scott, KS 66701

Park Rules

Welcome to Rendezvous Campgrounds at Fort Scott Crossroads! While you are here, please abide by the following rules and regulations of the park. These rules are meant to keep you safe and protect the value of the park.

Failure to follow any of the following rules may result in immediate dismissal from the park with no refund for early departure.

1) Aggressive behavior will not be tolerated. This includes, but is not limited to, physical assault, verbal harassment, abusive language, sexual language, threats, and/or physical interference with park personnel working within the park or their duties. These instances may be reported to law enforcement and charges may be filed.

2) No aggressive animals are allowed. All animals must be on a leash and accompanied by owner when outside your RV. You must clean up after your pets and properly dispose of all waste.

3) All guests and their visitors are solely responsible for their own actions resulting in injury, liability, and/or damages to other guests, park personnel, and properties. The park is not responsible for theft, damage, or injury to guests, visitors, or their property.

4) Unruly conduct, substance abuse, or sale of illegal substances will result in an immediate call to law enforcement and removal from the premises.

5) No firearms, explosive devices, or other weapons are to be discharged at any time in the park or any immediate surrounding property. Failure to abide will result in an immediate call to law enforcement and removal from the premises.

6) Quiet Hours are 10pm – 8am. We ask that you be respectful of your neighbors during this time.

7) Please do not walk through or go uninvited on to someone else’s site. Please respect the property and privacy of other guests.

8) The speed limit on all park roadways is 10MPH. Please always observe the speed limit and follow the traffic flow of the roadways. Only 2 vehicles are allowed per site and only if they properly fit on your site. Other vehicles must be parked in provided over-flow parking spaces. Any trailers or service trucks must be stored in rented storage spaces. All vehicles must be properly registered and insured. Vehicles may not block roadways or other sites at any time. Vehicle maintenance activities are always prohibited.

9) Trash, food waste, animal waste, and yard debris are to be bagged and placed into the dumpster(s) provided in the park. Large articles such as couches, chairs, appliances, etc. are not to be placed into the dumpster(s).

10) Do not tamper with, repair, or modify any part of the park’s electrical, cable, internet, WiFi, mechanical, or plumbing systems. Do not plant anything on or remove plantings from the property. Do not bring in or remove gravel from the property. Do not attempt to mow your own site or any other property within the park. If anything needs attention, please advise the park host.

11) Please maintain your RV in good repair and always keep it washed and presentable. RVs in disrepair will be notified and asked to leave the park if not repaired. If you are notified to wash your RV and do not comply within 3 days then the park management will have your RV washed at your expense via our pre-selected vendor. RVs must remain in a moveable condition.

12) Please always maintain a tidy and presentable site. Storage of any kind on your site is not tolerated. No outdoor structures are allowed unless specifically approved by park management. No pavers or flower beds are allowed. The lawn crew must be able to always maintain your site easily. No permanent sewer risers are allowed. Please do not hang your laundry outside to dry. Satellite dishes are allowed but must be the RV roof-mount or ladder-mount kind and mounted securely to your RV. No window A/C units are allowed in the park. All hoses and cords must fit properly and be free of any leaks.